Patterns of Cryptids

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Types of Cryptid

New species or sub-species of animals are being discovered everyday. On land most of these creatures are insects or even smaller microscopic animals, while the discovery of any new large mammal, reptile or bird is very rare. 'Found' animals are those which have finally been described, usually after a period of searching. Examples of 'Found' land animals include the Mountain Gorilla, the    

The sea, which is largely unexplored, has been much more fruitful for the budding cryptozoologist, with  the Megamouth Shark, the Giant Squid and the Coelocanth. Indeed whole new biospheres were discovered in the late 20th century.

Cryptids have been cloassified in a number of ways. Chad Arment uses four large catagories described in  in his book The Search for Enigmatic Animals. The four catagories are:

bullet Unknown animals that don't match the description of any known species, living or extinct.
bullet Animals that are believed to be extinct.
bullet Populations of animals of a known species, but possessing unexpected physical characteristics.
bullet Unusual populations of animal found in unexpected locations.

Note that, for the most part, these catagories are concerned with populations of animals and not individuals.

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