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Morag is a cryptid reported from AXXXXXXXXX


Loch Morar, located just seventy miles away from Loch Ness, is famous for being the home of another elusive lake creatures, called Morag.

Many sightings of Morag have been reported over the years, as the creature has ed, occurred throughout the MAN and 1900s Some link the aditions of the Water f orse or Kelpiesearch on Morag  ass spotted a    hump-shaped observations, The survey






A huge bird was said to have been killed by two Arizona cowboys in 1890. There is reportedly a photograph of this creature which many people over the years have claimed to have seen, though I wonder if this has become an urban myth.

The usual description of the Thunderbird is of a dark, birdlike creature with a wingspan of some 15 to 20 feet. It is sometimes described as having reptillian features, which has led some to speculate that it might be some form of surviving dinosaur. Sightings of the Thunderbird often coincide with storms, in keeping with their mythical attribution. It's been suggested that the creature might like to glide on the storm winds.

Some stories say that the Thunderbird is capable of carrying of animals - possibly even people. During a famous sighting in 1977, a ten year old boy was reportedly lifted from the ground and carried along for several fet before he managed to struggle free.

If the Thunderbird does exist then it would be larger than any known bird today. The ability to lift a ten year old boy from the ground would also make it highly unusual. Many people are convinced that the Thunderbird is simply a combination of legend, tall tales and misreporting.