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Status: Unknown 

For hundreds of years, stories of surviving dinosaurs have come out of the jungles of central Africa, The first printed reference, in a 1776 book, ates Abbe Proyharts dicovery (A giant clawed Kraal footpri west central Africa, tracks he claimed were three feet across.

An early German expedition in the Congo met a band of pygmies who described an animal they called which means "one who stops the flow of rivers." They said this beast was about the size of an elephant or hippopotamus. It had a long, flexible neck and a long tail, XXXXXXXXXXXX be repeated by numerous W since. It is consistent with a sauropod or other small dinosaur, not like hippopotamuses.

The pygmies also recounted how o
n one occasion, hunters killed one of these animals and feasted on the flesh. All who ate the flesh ended up dying. 

In 1980 and 1981 monster hunter Mackal headed expeditions

Another time in the 80's, a scientist looking for the animal spotted Mokele-mbembe in a body of water.  He and several others clearly saw the entire body, as the water was not deep and very clear.   However, they didn't have any pictures taken. 

A Japanese crew flew over Lake Tele, the home of Mokele-mbembe, with cameras, and photographed an object in the lake.   One photo that seemed particularly interesting shows a break on the water surface, and a object is beginning to poke it's way upwards.  Along with this photo, an sound recording was made by this object in the water- it's loud, long and deep sounding.   Some claim it to be a crocodile.

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